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About Us

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Robin Brill

Robin Brill, JD

A long-time Rockland County resident, Robin Brill spent years practicing law, problem-solving, brokering agreements and building relationships even as she became a mom to her three children. Robin works with local, grassroots political organizations, engaging her community and maintaining relationships with elected officials. She sits on the Board of FairPlay, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the adaptation of toys for children with disabilities and served on the Orangetown Jewish Center’s Board of Trustees.  Robin has been married to her husband Mitch for 28 years and they spend their time fielding incessant calls from their three wonderful if persistent children. 


Joining her sister Anne, she brings her thorough knowledge of real estate law, combined with her fierce organizational chops and desire to serve, to Swapping Scenes, supporting seniors and their children to better navigate the steps and some of the complex challenges of relocation.

Anne Sirkin

Anne Sirkin, a resident of Bergen County, spent 25 years designing fabrics, sourcing textiles and managing projects for the hospitality and home furnishing industries. With a love for design, color and new experiences, she was fortunate to be able to travel around the world building and growing relationships with suppliers that supported her clients’ needs, while also raising two wonderful children. Anne volunteered as the treasurer for the school’s PTA and built meaningful connections in her kids’ school community. She spent 3 years as treasurer and found that planning, detailed work and clear communication were right up her alley.   


Anne joins her sister Robin in the creation of Swapping Scenes, a company designed to support older adults and their families navigate the twists, turns and emotions involved in transitioning to a new, or renewed, living environment.

Anne Sirkin

Our Story

In early 2020, we found ourselves at our mother’s house in a remote part of Maine. She and her wife were looking to transition to a safer living situation and needed help. We wanted to respect their desire to continue living in their home while ensuring they could keep items they might still have a need for or that had meaning to them. We just wanted to see our mom safe. No more falling downstairs. No more fainting because of the exhaustion while climbing up to their bedroom.  


Needless to say, it was much harder, both physically and emotionally, than we'd anticipated. We did not realize that thirty years of possessions, transferred from one house to another, could be so daunting. Clothing, art supplies and musical instruments needed to be donated. Furniture needed to be moved or taken apart and disposed of. Their home office and their bedroom on the second floor needed to be moved downstairs. Internet and TV cable needed to be moved downstairs as well, and furniture had to be transferred from the guest room to the upstairs, previously the master bedroom. Emotions and stress were high, and there were so many things to think about and details to consider. We considered how good it would have been to have had help planning and executing throughout those weeks. We needed someone who was objective and removed enough that they could think clearly, act thoughtfully and come prepared. And it was then we both realized that we could be that someone.

There is a need for a different kind of moving service. One that helps people navigate through their transitions; lightens the load on family members; and allows them to live the way they want to, as safely as they can. We understand that not everyone's situation is the same. Our mission, the mission of Swapping Scenes, is to help not only seniors and their families, but anyone looking to manage both the physical and emotional demands of moving, down-sizing, right-sizing or aging in place, while reducing the stress and anxiety that often accompanies change. No matter the situation, we will be there to listen to your needs, assess the situation and offer clear and individualized plans for you and your family.

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