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Aging in Place

The vast majority of older adults would prefer to live independently for as long as possible in whatever environment is considered home.  Swapping Scenes will create an aging in place plan catered to your specific situation to help you understand the risks, resources, and financial options available so you and your family can make informed decisions about the current situation as well as your future. 

Our Aging in Place Plan includes:


  • In-depth consultation to understand your wishes and your vision for the future

  • Safety and functional assessments

  • Discussions to help decide whether remaining in your home or making a move to to another independent living environment is the best decision

  • Home organization and decluttering

  • Customized Floor planning

  • Create a list of suggested home modifications to maintain and improve a functional living environment and promote independence

  • Work with you and your family to approve modifications, obtain estimates and oversee modifications​

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