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Moving is often one of life’s most challenging events.  Advanced planning and a detailed schedule can make the difference between a stress-free move and one rife with anxiety.  Swapping Scenes will create a clear, comprehensive plan to ensure your successful transition.  If you are moving to a new home, modifying your existing home, or just need help sorting, decluttering, and organizing, we are here to help. 

Whether you are doing it yourself or assisting a friend or a loved one, we will work with you and customize a plan based upon your needs and wishes. 

Contact us today to schedule a free, one-hour consultation to discuss your situation - or that of your loved one.  We will introduce you to our services and develop a personalized plan that best suits your situation.

Senior Move Management

The needs of older adults in transition are unique. We help you navigate all aspects of the move according to your individual situation.

Aging in Place

We work with you to develop and implement a plan to allow you or your loved one to live as independently and safely as possible.

Real Estate Services 

We guide, educate and support our clients through their next transition - whether selling or buying.


Right-sizing is the process of transitioning to an environment and space that best represents who you are and where you need to be.  Every aspect of your life is taken into account when making decisions to move and we are here to ensure your transition is smooth and stress-free. 

Home Organization

We offer a range of services that will help you simplify your life by organizing and decluttering your space.

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Senior Move Management
Aging in Place
Right Sizing
Estate Cleanout
Real Estate Services
Inventory Service
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