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Senior Move Management 

Whether you are moving yourself or a family member, the physical and emotional challenges of change can be overwhelming. The possibility of disagreements, distant children or perhaps illness can create immobilizing stress and even depression. We at Swapping Scenes are here to help.

A successful relocation starts with a detailed, step-by-step plan.  We will then help you sort through your home, determine what will be moving with you to your new home and identify other items that you may want to send to a family member or donate to charity.  


We can help: 

  • Develop a comprehensive moving plan

  • Work with you to sort and organize your belongings and help determine the items that will be moving with you

  • Create a customized floor plan of your new home to ensure it is both comfortable and safe 

  • Obtain estimates, schedule, and oversee movers

  • Pack and inventory belongings, ensuring you can find all critical documents and medications

  • Prepare shipments of items going to family members, items for donation, and sell or dispose of unwanted items and furniture

  • Arrange for cleaning services and waste removal 

  • Unpack and settle you into your new home 

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