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HomeFit Downloadable Checklist

Many of us would like to stay in our homes as we age and maintain our independence.  Determining whether our homes will accommodate our changing needs is critical when considering aging in place.  We need to take a hard look around our homes and see if it is, or can be set up to be, a good "fit" as our needs shift.

What is a HomeFit home? 

A "HomeFit" home is one that accommodates the needs of its residents.  It is one that maximizes a home's functionality and liveability for residents of any age, life stage, or physical ability. The AARP has created a checklist to help you assess your current living situation to determine how "fit" your home is. It may also help you identify opportunities for improvement.  Enjoy!

Download our FREE checklist to identify how your home can become more "HomeFit." 

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